Thursday, December 10, 2009

What A Cute Kitten...

One of my favourite stores is the lovely and oh-so-French "Kitten D'Amour" (formerly known as the Sex Kitten Boutique) in central Brisbane, just off the Queen Street Mall.

Kitten D'Amour specialise in handmade, limited-edition clothing for day and evening wear. Their boutique alone is worth a visit, the layout & visual feast is to die for =D

Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the goodies I have bought from them. The service is absolutely brilliant, whether I'm spending or just browsing, I always feel like a valued customer. Last time I was there, the fabulous & friendly Tegan helpped me, and she always remembers me even though she must have a zillion customers spending way more than me! But, I love the half hour of escape I get wandering around just looking at all the cute clothes & accessories :)

Ok, on to the pictures:

I love their bags, they just make me think of Paris & Shopping! As you can see, this first bag was before they changed the name. According to the manager, the liked their name but they want to expand to other countries and some places you can't get away with a boutique that uses the word 'sex'- plus they had lots of men coming in thinking it was a classy lingerie shop! ^_^
Attention to detail is really cute, your purchases are wrapped in pink tissue and sealed with a lovely little sticker. Makes you feel like you just spent a million bucks!
This is the latest pretty I bought,a cute handmade brooch/hair accessory. I just love the polka dot ribbon contrasted with the red feathers. It looks great on a plain cardi or on a stripy top. Very Parisienne...
A cute flower scarf/choker. The number of ways to wear this that Tegan showed me was amazing, things I'd never even thought of. She alsso combined it with their pink polka dot scarf to create a whole new look. I really need to wear this one more, it's so cute.
I just *love* this adorable little mirror & comb set, it looks so cute on my dresser. (It reminds me of Anna Sui as well) This would be a great little gift, as it was only $15 the set. Tegan was so good at her job, the service ethic is great, she even polished the mirror with Windex before she wrapped it up, how cute!

On my last visit, I even got this lip gloss as a gift, very nice of the girls...

All the goodies together :)

If you want to see what else is on offer (and you should, it's GORGEOUS!) Check out the Kitten D'Amour website by clicking here.


  1. Ooh, it looks gorgeous - I'm even smitten with the packaging, who cares about the stuff inside!!

  2. If you check out their site it has pictures of their stores, too. I go specifically to see what they've done with the window displays that month :)

  3. I 100% agree!

    I have been a Kitten D'Amour (formerly Sex Kitten)addict and dedicated follower for years!

    I regularly shop at the Pacific Fair shop and always recieve exceptional service from the manager Gabi, and a girl who works at production as well, Leah.

    I regurlarly purchase entire outfits and am always back for more because I have never found another label with such high quality fits, finishes and style.

    Viva La Kitten D'Amour!

  4. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you for all your lovely words and strong support of our product. I have to agree with you, it is a fabulous boutique, making it very easy to wake up and go to work each morning! Haha.

    I know Alana, the designer and director of Kitten D'Amour, saw your blog and she was absolutely tickled by your wonderful comments.

    See you in the store again soon!

    Tegan (Kitten D'Amour Brisbane)

  5. Thanks for all the comments girls!

    Tegan, thank you for stopping by, I'm happy to know you all know how much we love your store!!! :) I think a Facebook fan page is in order, tee hee...


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