Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colette Hair

One of my secret "want to do's" for a while now has been to cut my hair short- anything above the shoulder length. I haven't had short hair since I was in school, and even then it was just above my shoulders.

After attending a party wearing a black wig in an Asian-style bob, people started telling me it'd look good if I always had my hair that way. I was always too scared to change my hair much though, aside from the odd colour or change to my fringe (bangs for my US readers). I think it was partly because I wasn't very talented at styling/blowdrying/straightening my hair, and then later because my job required me to wear my hair in a conservative style.

Enter a job change and Pan Am. Instantly, I loved Colette's vintage (yet totally do-able in modern times) hairstyle. It just screamed "put-together stewardess". Since changing airlines entailed a change of uniform, and having to wear a hat- just like the Pan Am girls- the thought of cutting my hair has appealed to me even more.

Add in that one of my New Year's resolutions was to 'try new things' and, well, the arguments for a new hairdo seem to be stacking up quickly.

Last week, a friend who is also trained as a hairdresser offered to make the chop for me. Gulp!! I'm not sure if I can go through with it, I need some moral support!!!

Except for the early promo shots, Colette's hair started out as a blunt bob, but seems to have become softer as the show went on (deliberate, perhaps, as she warmed up to people around her?) and with clever use of hair pieces and curling/styling, still managed to be quite versatile.

Sideswept bangs here...

And now straight ones...

A more rounded look to the ends...

More volume here. This looks more 60's and less 50's to me.

Colette in daywear... this is a more 'Brady Bunch' type look from her

Do you think they've pinned the sides under?

This length is definitely more "work friendly" than her previous styles in uniform.

I wonder if she has a slide comb under the back part of her hair? I also
love her eye makeup here. Simple. yet pretty.
So what's the verdict, do you think I should try out "Colette Hair", or not? Or even something else different? Tips for keeping up a style like this for a blowdryer-challenged person such as myself are most welcome!!

Comment away! :)

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