Friday, December 18, 2009

Aurora Dior

I don't own many (actually, any) designer items aside from perfumes.

Recently I managed to rectify that situation on a trip to Melbourne. I don't usually like spending money on expensive items that aren't clothes or household appliances, but figured I could make an exception.

I went to Swarovski Crystal World in Austria while in Europe but I didn't buy anything for myself aside from a pen with crystals inside it. I really wanted some jewellery but as it was near the start of trip I didn't want to spend too much. I regretted that later, until I saw this little jewel at the Dior counter...

The Cristal Boreal came about in the mid 50's, when Christian Dior asked the Swarovski house to create a crystal that 'evoked the reflection of the sunlights going through the famous Galerie des Glaces in Versailles'. This led to the creation of the Aurore Boreale crystal with the unique multi-coloured reflections.

Even the box is pretty.... and it says DIOR *squeak*

The jewel resting in its case... so pretty, the colours are always changing.

Pictures really don't do it justice, I love the rainbow of colours, how can you not be happy with all the colour? :D Inside the pendant is a clear or subtle pink shimmery lip gloss. I liked the pink but went with the sheer as I can wear it over other lip shades. The pendant has 52 Swarovski Elements stones, 4 of them are Aurore stones. As this item is part of the Christmas collection it was much more accessible to me than regular Dior jewellery, which runs into the thousands. This was less than $150 and would be a great thing for a mother or sister as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Read All About It...

When I was little, I read books all the time. I read so much that I could get through books in a matter of days. I remember reading the Lord of the Rings (all 3 books) within a week when I was around 9 years old. Sadly, being an adult and having to work means less time to read, and the internet has taken over my life a little bit more than books, but I still like to occasionally sit down and read a book.

I also like collecting vintage books, specifically ones about flight attendants. I managed to find some really cool ones on Etsy & Ebay. I'd ordered one back in September but sadly, it seemed that it had got lost in the mail. Then last week, I got a card from the post office saying that there was a parcel for me to collect. Yay! It was my long-awaited book...

It was well-wrapped which is always good.

How nice is this cover illustration?

Even the spine had a cute 'stewardess' in uniform on it.

I read this book on my day off in the park. It was a really good story, part of a series written in the 60's to give young girls an idea about what kind of careers they could have. I wish there was more than one about 'World Airways' though, the characters were good. I even ended up with a bit of a crush on officer Maitland, the blonde-haired hero of the story ;P

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Am...

Reading... various magazines including a slow savour of Peppermint

Listening... the clock ticking & wind in the trees outside

Watching... TweetDeck notifications appearing as I type...

Buying... Groceries & a few little treats which will be posted about :P

Wanting... to be home for Christmas & lazy sunny days on the balcony

Cooking.... not as much as I should be. Salami, cheese, tomato & pickle sandwich for lunch :)

Making... room for new things by clearing out the old

Loving... my gorgeous kitties who are both curled up, asleep, on the staircase

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pretty & Pink

Check out what my gorgeous sister bought me on her recent trip to Europe:

This super-cute pink sequinned clutch bag from a vintage store in... Paris! She said she just about had to fight the lady to let her buy it as it was meant to be on display only... but my sister knew I was going through a 'pink thing' and so got it for me... can't wait to take it somewhere nice! Maybe for New Year's Eve (if I'm not working...)

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