Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snapshots From Bangkok

Now I could have sworn I already posted about Bangkok, but for the life of me I can't see the post in my archives. For once, the flight over to BKK was about half full, a welcome relief from our usually chock-a-block aircraft and never-ending service. We actually got time to sit down and eat, and being the geek I am, I even got in some "cockpit appreciation time" in the flight deck. I love sitting up there and watching the clouds go by. (And secretly geeking out by seeing how many of the instruments I can actually read and remember how to use)

On to the pictures. On arriving, most of the crew made plans to either eat, shop or go for massages. I was starving, so went with about 5 other crew to a local eatery for some late dinner. Of course I ordered fish cakes, my staple item whenever I eat Thai food. They were pretty good, about a 7.5 out of 10 I must say.

For the mains I ordered this mango/pineapple chicken rice dish. It actually came presented IN a pineapple!!!! How cool.

After dinner, a couple of crew decided they wanted to visit some night markets. While they shopped for what they wanted, I decided to check out some clothing stalls. I like the atmosphere, it's busy and all the lights are on at night. It reminded me a lot of Bali, only less stinky.

As is my habit, I made sure to visit a supermarket to get some snacks and bottled water. I was very happy to see this:

Oh the cuteness!!! I also got some Pocky. (On opening the packs later, it wasn't the traditional Pocky, but pre-dipped Pocky sticks. Still good but not quite the same.)

There's pink taxis everywhere!!! "Ladies' Taxis" I believe they're called, though I don't know if they're really for ladies only.

Me at the night market area. (Yes, I'm drinking a Coke. It's either that or bottled water; 2 things at least that I know are safe to drink.)

While at the night market & waiting for the others to come back, I spotted this neat vintage-style dress. Snapped it up after a bit of hesitation and was glad I did. Just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear it.

It was quite a late night so I went back to the hotel & slept. In the morning I met up with a few crew to go to the famous MBK department store. While everyone else bought DVDs, I just got some food and a few little souvenirs. I saw the cutest little sailor outfit, really wish I had bought it for my nephew but he'd be way too big for it now. After MBK, everyone wanted to go for massages, but I wanted to explore a little bit. Next to the hotel were some markets, so I went for a look around and bought a few things.

We took a tuk-tuk to MBK. At first I thought I was going to die, but then it was fun. :)

Small temple altar outside the hotel. I like seeing these traditional type things when I travel.

Street food. Even though this was just coconut I was too scared to buy something from a street stall. (I really need to harden up.) I dislike cocount so maybe next time I'll look out for other fruit.

I went for a walk to a little arts "village" down the road to buy souvenirs. I found this cute little shop with all kinds of things to buy. I loved the stone cat figurines but by this point didn't have much money left, so I got a card to come back next time. The lady was so nice and cute.

It's a giant cat!!! (I'm a sucker for kitties!) I also bought a card holder for all my licenses at a store just near here. It's really popular with all the crew for buying shoe and makeup bags, and all that kind of stuff. It appeals to my inner OCD-ness as you can buy matching sets :P

More supermarket haul. I always go for the cute stuff, not caring how it actually tastes. Have discovered some really cool things this way!

Another vintage-style dress. Wasn't sold on the colour originally but now I really like it. (Less than US$10) Fits great too.

Thai sweets from a stall in MBK. Crispy cashews and some jelly-type lollies.

Was very humid so I bought this fan, it's much sturdier than the Chinese ones & pretty too. I got this from the same arts village where the cute shop was.

My favourite thing of the whole trip. This little wooden frog figurine is actually a musical instrument! You use the "drumstick" stored in his belly, and run it along the spikes on his back. It actually sounds exactly like a frog. I fell in love with these immediately, and as he was the only green frog in a basket of brown ones, I knew he was the one for me! (He now sits on our tv cabinet)

Yes, those are Thai Twisties!!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed Thailand. Can't wait to go back, and when I do I hope to get to see some more traditional sights around Bangkok.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pearl Harbor Style...

A few days ago I posted about a plane trip I took in a vintage aircraft. (You can read about it here.)

For that outing, I dressed "1940's style" to celebrate the occasion and the fact that you don't get to fly in a beautiful classic aircraft like this every day. (I also wanted to bring back a bit of the glamour to flying, hehe)

My outfit was inspired by Kate Beckinsale's character in Pearl Harbor, I simply loved all her clothes in the movie and knew that a black and white outfit was the perfect choice and would be fairly easy to achieve in the short preparation time that I had.

I already had the dress, a B&W bird print frock from Target. The suede platforms were borrowed from my sister, the bag was vintage reproduction and the hair flower (frangipani like Kate of course!) was found in a hair supply store.

Here's some photos of Kate in the film.

Since the plane ride, I purchased a dress from Alannah Hill that has a strikingly similar ribbon print to the dress that Kate wears in the film.

From a distance it would look almost identical. Of course, the shape on mine is different but adding some small shoulder pads could make it more 40's-authentic! (Of course, the model is way taller than me, so when I put it on, it falls just below the knee, the way it should for the 1940's look)

If you're a fan of 1940's style as well, and like Kate's "off duty" 1940's beach bunny look,

check out this cute sarong-suit pattern from Wearing History patterns! How adorable is it...

(Photos: from Fanpop website, copyrights are owned by the filmmakers and are for inspiration purposes only)

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