Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snapshots From Bangkok

Now I could have sworn I already posted about Bangkok, but for the life of me I can't see the post in my archives. For once, the flight over to BKK was about half full, a welcome relief from our usually chock-a-block aircraft and never-ending service. We actually got time to sit down and eat, and being the geek I am, I even got in some "cockpit appreciation time" in the flight deck. I love sitting up there and watching the clouds go by. (And secretly geeking out by seeing how many of the instruments I can actually read and remember how to use)

On to the pictures. On arriving, most of the crew made plans to either eat, shop or go for massages. I was starving, so went with about 5 other crew to a local eatery for some late dinner. Of course I ordered fish cakes, my staple item whenever I eat Thai food. They were pretty good, about a 7.5 out of 10 I must say.

For the mains I ordered this mango/pineapple chicken rice dish. It actually came presented IN a pineapple!!!! How cool.

After dinner, a couple of crew decided they wanted to visit some night markets. While they shopped for what they wanted, I decided to check out some clothing stalls. I like the atmosphere, it's busy and all the lights are on at night. It reminded me a lot of Bali, only less stinky.

As is my habit, I made sure to visit a supermarket to get some snacks and bottled water. I was very happy to see this:

Oh the cuteness!!! I also got some Pocky. (On opening the packs later, it wasn't the traditional Pocky, but pre-dipped Pocky sticks. Still good but not quite the same.)

There's pink taxis everywhere!!! "Ladies' Taxis" I believe they're called, though I don't know if they're really for ladies only.

Me at the night market area. (Yes, I'm drinking a Coke. It's either that or bottled water; 2 things at least that I know are safe to drink.)

While at the night market & waiting for the others to come back, I spotted this neat vintage-style dress. Snapped it up after a bit of hesitation and was glad I did. Just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear it.

It was quite a late night so I went back to the hotel & slept. In the morning I met up with a few crew to go to the famous MBK department store. While everyone else bought DVDs, I just got some food and a few little souvenirs. I saw the cutest little sailor outfit, really wish I had bought it for my nephew but he'd be way too big for it now. After MBK, everyone wanted to go for massages, but I wanted to explore a little bit. Next to the hotel were some markets, so I went for a look around and bought a few things.

We took a tuk-tuk to MBK. At first I thought I was going to die, but then it was fun. :)

Small temple altar outside the hotel. I like seeing these traditional type things when I travel.

Street food. Even though this was just coconut I was too scared to buy something from a street stall. (I really need to harden up.) I dislike cocount so maybe next time I'll look out for other fruit.

I went for a walk to a little arts "village" down the road to buy souvenirs. I found this cute little shop with all kinds of things to buy. I loved the stone cat figurines but by this point didn't have much money left, so I got a card to come back next time. The lady was so nice and cute.

It's a giant cat!!! (I'm a sucker for kitties!) I also bought a card holder for all my licenses at a store just near here. It's really popular with all the crew for buying shoe and makeup bags, and all that kind of stuff. It appeals to my inner OCD-ness as you can buy matching sets :P

More supermarket haul. I always go for the cute stuff, not caring how it actually tastes. Have discovered some really cool things this way!

Another vintage-style dress. Wasn't sold on the colour originally but now I really like it. (Less than US$10) Fits great too.

Thai sweets from a stall in MBK. Crispy cashews and some jelly-type lollies.

Was very humid so I bought this fan, it's much sturdier than the Chinese ones & pretty too. I got this from the same arts village where the cute shop was.

My favourite thing of the whole trip. This little wooden frog figurine is actually a musical instrument! You use the "drumstick" stored in his belly, and run it along the spikes on his back. It actually sounds exactly like a frog. I fell in love with these immediately, and as he was the only green frog in a basket of brown ones, I knew he was the one for me! (He now sits on our tv cabinet)

Yes, those are Thai Twisties!!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed Thailand. Can't wait to go back, and when I do I hope to get to see some more traditional sights around Bangkok.


  1. Gorgeous dress (the one with the white collar trim) and the fan is beautiful!


  2. Hi Greta
    Love reading your blogs & following you on Twitter.
    I'm hoping to start work with EK at DXB as a doctor based at HQ & SZ Road.
    Best wishes
    Haaris (UK)

  3. Thanks Angela!

    Hi Haaris, thanks for the comment! Did they tell you when you will find out if you are coming here??

    Are you a GP or do you specialise? We tend to have a love/hate relationship with the clinic (all good for me so far though) :P


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