Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June Empty- Fa Silk & Magnolia

I didn't get through many empties in June, given that I was off from work a lot and not using as many products as normal. So I only have one empty for this post, which is Fa Shower Cream.

To be honest I hate paying a lot for shower gels/creams since generally they mostly do the same thing and often aren't as moisturising as they claim. This one fits the bill nicely since it doesn't cost a lot and has a nice fragrance. It's a 'Cream & Oil' so you don't need much to get a nice lather. It's not wimpy lather either, feels nice and soapy and takes awhile to wash off completely. The fragrance is 'Silk & Magnolia'. It's fairly strong and leaves traces after you shower, which I like. Doesn't clash too much with perfume though. This actually reminds me of the old Dove Cherry Blossom Shower Creme Oil which I used to use back home, but haven't seen here.

Overall I like this product and have bought it again, gives a nice smell, lathers well and doesn't set me back the earth like other brands here might.

Cost: Dhs15 (About USD$4.10)

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