Sunday, November 6, 2011


Right now I'm in Johannesburg, South Africa!!!

Like me, your head might be full of lions, safari & colourful local people when you read the word "Joburg". Sadly for me, this layover has been quite uneventful.

One of my fellow crew agreed to join me and visit the Lion Park just outside the city. A few others told us they wanted to go too. As usually happens, by the time we reached the hotel, everyone but us decided they would rather sleep after our overnight flight. (Fair enough). What this meant for us though was that the cost of the ride to the lion park would cost more than our allowance once we paid for that and the entry fee to the park. My visions of cuteness in the form of white lion cubs evaporated. Darn it! My friends had been earlier in the week and had amazing photos with giraffe & lion cubs.

Had I known my ATM card was in my bag and not at home like I'd thought, I'd have just spent the whole allowance going to see the lions and used my ATM card to pay for meals. D'oh!! Hopefully next time.

Instead we walked around the hotel area and found a supermarket, stocked up on some goodies to eat during the layover and wandered around. We met a Polish man selling all sorts of yummy smallgoods. The other girl, being Polish, got us a good discount on some super yummy kransky-type sausages and we got a picture with the jolly stallkeeper and his wife. I just hope I'm allowed to bring this stuff back with me! The other crew assure me that it's legal, but I want to check just in case!

After that we wandered sleepily back to the hotel, having been awake for almost 24hours. We stopped for a few silly photos then went our separate ways. I went to the pool area to catch some sun, but didn't stay long. Sadly for me some people were being inconsiderate and had put all of their bags on the sun loungers, when they were actually sitting at a table as a group eating and not even in swimming clothes. I asked if I could use one since it didn't seem as though they were going to lounge and they said no! Considering there were only 5 lounges and one cabana (and they had all of them!) I thought it was pretty rude. Evidently so did everyone else who came after me that wanted to swim then dry off on a lounger. There was nowhere else to sit so after I finished reading my magazine I went back to my room for a nap before dinner.

Rubber duckies!!! (Not allowed to take with- boooo)

I am still there now after failing to set my alarm correctly and missing the crew for dinner. Boo. No clock in this room makes me very confused!! On the plus side, I have rubber duckies in my bath!!! :) For the rest of this layover I think I will take it easy and catch up on the sleep I missed this week. It's been a  busy one with back to back late night flights scheduled and very little sleep gotten in the daytime. Room service dinner is on the way...

Until next time Joburg!!!

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