Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update Post

It's come to my attention that I've been a bit slack in the posting department. Sure, photos are fun but I really should actually describe what's been happening in between the photos as well!

So. Since I got to Dubai it's been nearly 3 months. The first 7 weeks or so was full of training and not much else (as it should be). I think I'm starting to get into a bored phase as most of the time my friends are away when I'm at home; plus, most of them like to go out to party a lot and it's not really my thing. I need to find some hobbies aside from just sitting on the internet all afternoon. (Even though I am also doing useful stuff like emailing my friends and talking to my family on FB chat) It probably doesn't help that a) It's Ramadan here (so social activities tend to die off a bit) and b) It's been really hot so no one feels like doing much. Now the weather is starting to cool down that should take care of itself over the next month or two.

I'd really like to get into sewing, or start drawing again to have something different to do. Often, I'm quite tired so on my off days I just want to sleep/lounge but I should get out of that habit as I think it makes me more tired for my trips.

Ok, on to what I did on my layovers.


This was my "supy" flight, where I flew as an extra crew. I was quite tired so we didn't go into London itself, but a few of us girls took the bus to a nearby town which had a Primark (uh oh!) and got some food as well. In Primark there were so many cute dresses, but as always, far too short for me to wear here in Dubai. Sad. I did however pick up 2 sets of cute pyjamas, some shopping totes and a party dress. Later that night we went to a cute local pub which I neglected to take any photos of. The food servings were HUGE so next time I'll only order an entree. Also, I won't forget to take pictures so I can share the cuteness!


My first 'operational' flight. It was very busy and although I was tired we were determined to go into town and see the sights. I was with 2 girls who hadn't been before. We took a tourist bus in and decided to be brave and get the train home. Normally this would have been fine except for some unannounced trackworks which nearly stranded us 7 stations away from our hotel!

Firstly we took the Metro to the Arc d'Triomphe for photos, then down to the Eiffel Tower. We took lots of photos (some of which you've seen) before getting some food while waiting for it to become dark for the light show at 10pm. After the light show I was still hungry so I got a takeaway pizza. I only managed 2 slices before we had to take the train. French people don't really eat on the go, so I felt like I should wait to eat until I got back to the hotel. We have a crew lounge so I had a microwave to re-heat the pizza :)


Went out for dinner with the crew, had some local dishes including chicken rice inside a pineapple and fish cakes :)

Then went to the night market and looked around, bought a dress or two and had some street food. Fruit on sticks- sooo yummy! Back to hotel at 1am where I watched some local tv before bed.

Got up early with the intention to see the sights but it was so hot, and I felt tired so I just went to MBK mall with some of the other crew. I didn't buy much, just some Thai sweets and some crispy cashews, while the others bought DVDs. After we went back to the hotel (in a tuk-tuk) I took a walk to a local crafts village where I bought a wooden frog, and a cat statue. Stopped in at a fabric/craftshop and bought a card holder for all my work licenses. Also bought a cute toy cat from a market stall. He looks just like my real cat and is wearing a little vest :)


First stop- McDonald's for a bacon'n'egg McMuffin breakfast with the crew, followed by a power nap before I met up with my friend Sam. We walked to Circular Quay and the Opera House while we waited for sunset so we could eat (Sam is fasting for Ramadan) then we had a yummy dinner at Pancakes at the Rocks. After that I headed back to the hotel for a quick Woolies run to stock up on Aussie items (Cheezels, Mint Slice, stockings etc).


Mainly spent time around the hotel. Dinner at a Nando's (chips aren't the same in Dubai) and took a few photos, while deciding what to look at the next day). Got up early for hotel buffet breakfast (disappointed in the bacon) then walked into town to $3 Japan where I stocked up on some stationery & origami paper. Photos around the harbour and bought some souvenirs before heading back to the hotel for a quick nap before the flight.

More to come in the next post!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Travel Snaps

I never get tired of all the different views & angles of the Opera House

Looking down from my hotel room to the Queen Victoria Building mall :)

Daffodil Day fairies in Queen Street, Auckland

Sky Tower surrounded by the low clouds...

And back to the Sandpit...

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