Friday, February 12, 2010

Loco for Coco

I've always had a love of vintage style clothes, that is, clothes from bygone times. My first era of obssession was Edwardian, but in the last ten years has grown to embrace both 1940's and 50's glam to the simplicity of 1920's and 30's Chanel.

I think Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women ever and love her innocent, elegant looks. I was also brought up quite strictly and as my mother was religious, I was taught to dress fairly conservatively and that 'ladylike' look still appeals to me today. Don't get me wrong, I also love me a good mini & heels, but it's not something that I wear all of the time.

Imagine how excited I am to see and read that one of the big trends for the year is ladylike glam!! Recently I had a work meeting to attend interstate, I don't usually wear office clothes in my day job so I went through the closet to see what I could wear. Being that I hadn't bought any 'business wear' since 2005, and my collection was sadly lacking, I decided that I could buy myself a jacket to spruce up a shift dress I was planning to wear. (I'm also required to meet a certain standard when I travel foor work, one being that a jacket must be worn over a sleeveless dress)

Having a quick trawl around the shops, I spotted a Chanel-inspired beauty in Dotti, of all places! I'd been wanting a jacket like this for a loooong time! The combination of black and white is so pretty and classic yet modern.

(Emma Watson wearing Chanel jacket)

So, I snapped it up!! Got so many comments on it during my trip. It's one of those things that you put on and instantly feel like a million bucks! One lady on the plane even asked me if it was Chanel (hee hee!)

I also think this would be great with jeans and my black lace cami & heels for a dinner out, or with a cute black skirt and long boots in winter. Almost wish I DID work in an office every day, just so I could figure out new ways to wear this baby! :)

Speaking of Chanel, I also looked at this coffee table book in one of the meeting rooms, and sneakily took some photos of my favourite pages.

Aren't they just divine???? Of course, this book immediately made me think of Porcelain Blonde :)

If you want to get the ladylike look, there's some cute options coming out in the chain stores. This pink tweedy Portman's jacket ($149) is cute and girly:

They also have this 'jacket style' cardigan for $99

To end the week on a classy note, I've decided to rent 'Coco Avant Chanel' and watch it on my work trip this weekend, which is also falling on Valentine's Day!

I'll be in Brisbane, so might head to Southbank Markets or Queen Street & buy myself something nice.

I might even visit Kitten D'Amour, seeing as it's my birthday on Wednesday! =D

If I don't write again before the weekend, I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day, whatever you may be doing.

PS: If shoes are more your thing, I fell HEAD OVER HEELS (lol, get it???) for these beauties


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paying Up and Pink

I've been really busy with work lately & haven't really been in the mood to blog, which is why so few updates. I guess also I'm not really sure if anyone reads this so I tend to really only want to update when I have something to say... guess I'm not very chatty at the momennt, hehe.

I've been doing ok in my goal to pay money off my credit cards, of course there is always room to improve but I feel like if I get too strict with it then I'll sabotage my efforts as I will feel like I'm missing out then just go on a big spree to make up for it. A girls' gotta have SOME fun, right? :)

So the only things I have shopped for was to buy a mobile broadband key (Prepaid of ccourse!) so that I can use the internet when I'm away. I have internet on my phone but for certain work purposes a mobile phone doesn't cut it. For example, to log into my online roster or check other work-related websites and download documents. As hotels charge exhorbitant rates (around AUD$30 per day) for internet, I figured it would make sense to get prepaid as I can pay $30 for one month and have access when I need it. Also being prepaid if I'm not using it I don't need to buy any more credit until I do need it. To satisfy my need to feel like I'm having some FUN I bought a pink one:

The other thing was to pay off some shoes I had on layaway before I started my 'credit crunching', which I did, but did not notice until I got home that the silly girl did not give me my receipt. Usually I will let something sit in the closet for a week while I decide if I'm going to use it or not. I had put a dress on layaway for work, as I have a lot of meetings interstate this year and needed non-uniform business wear. I figured I could get along without it and was going to return it but now the girl did not give my my receipt I can't, plus the store said it scans at $21 so that's all I'd get in exchange value. So I guess it stays.

Yesterday in Adelaide, I spotted this cardigan in Bardot which I really, REALLY want; as I have been looking for one just like this one for AGES!!! But I should be really good and not buy it.

Although.... it is my birthday next week, so maybe I could buy it for myself??? Hee hee...

My nail polish of the moment is Flashbulb Fuschia by O.P.I. I got this one in Singapore last year and I LOVE it, it's so pretty & fun and makes me think of cocktails on holiday :)

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