Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tick Tock...

Since my last post I've done two trips; one to Manchester and one to New York. Of course I took lots of pictures in New York, so a post for that will be following shortly. Manchester was fairly quiet but still worthy of a post so hopefully I will be able to write about that on my next days off.

Of course the big news this week was the floods in Brisbane. It's been quite surreal to see something like this happening in my own country, albeit only on tv. It almost doesn't seem real, but for the emails & Facebook posts from my friends from and in Brisbane.

Luckily the worst of it seems to be over, but the cleanup will take a long time. Now I've logged onto Google and seen that Victoria is now under threat of flooding. Actually, some areas are already cut off by floodwaters. What on earth is going on???

As the authorities are asking for us NOT to donate physical goods at this time, I made a small donation online today. This is the most immediate need- financial aid to get the recovery & cleanup efforts starting immediately. Material supplies aside from food can come in later on. I'm planning to sort out some of my things in storage when I go home on leave and donate the excess. I also have a large stash of hotel toiletries which I collected during the flooding in Pakistan last year, but by the time I got back from my trip the company had asked for no more as they had received more than they could handle. Hopefully I can take them with me when I go on leave, or get someone taking a Brisbane flight to take them for me.

If you want to make a donation too (however small or large) go HERE- every bit helps!!!

I'll leave you with a photo of the retro airplane clock I bought on my travels... cute no??

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