Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going Home!!

Hello everyone!!!

Yes I've been very lazy with posting lately, due to a lot of Ultra Long Haul flights, and getting out & about on my days off.

Some highlights included:

* 2 New York trips
* Seeing falling snow for the first time
* A day out with new friends at Al Ain air show
* a really awesome crew to New York
* Another Bangkok/Hong Kong trip where we saw tigers

Now for the best part- I just got back from JFK and tomorrow morning I'll be getting on a plane to fly home for leave. HOME!!!!

After eight months (yes EIGHT!!!) away from my home & living in the 'Sandpit', I'll get two whole weeks with my family!!! :D

Of course updates to come on my return. Depending on how busy I am, I may even finish the Sydney and New York posts, but I'm not sure yet.

After my leave I get to crash down to reality with reserve for March.... yuck!! Still, I might get some great flights from that, so fingers crossed!!! :)

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