Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caine's Arcade

Guys, you totally have to watch this short film.

Caine is a little boy living in East L.A. His dad runs an auto parts shop. During the summer Caine decided to build some "pretend" arcade games as he loves playing them so much. Only these weren't really pretend games- they actually work. He built them using tape and cardboard packing boxes.

A man buying parts in the store happened to see Caine's homemade arcade, and the rest is history...

If you want something to smile about, if you want to remember what it was like to be imaginative when you were little, do yourself a favour and go click this link to Caine's Aracde.

This kid is so driven and determined to get what he wants, if you wish you too could buy a 'Fun Pass' you can donate towards Caine's college fund so he can become an engineer, video game maker, entrepeneur- you name it!

I haven't been impressed like this for a long time, I totally would buy a Fun Pass if I could so I sent him some money. This kid could be the next Steve Jobs! I wasn't told to post about it, some people might scoff at sending money to strangers, but I just wanted to share it with you my readers because it's simply sweet and made me smile so much!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Slow Day in Sydney

After all my grand plans to catch up on posts in Sydney, we have moved to a new hotel where sadly, there's no crew room with internet and no nearby McD's with free wifi for the cost of a cheeseburger ;)

I'm in my old haunt of Woolworth's using the internet cafe to catch up as there's only so much I can do using the browser on my 3DS or on my phone. So it's very timely that Skype have launched wifi for Skype, where at participating hotspots you can use your Skype credit to pay for time online with existing connections. Hop there's one near my new hotel.... :)

Unusually for me, I actually slept when I arrived. I intended only to sleep until the shops opened at 10, but ended up sleeping through until 2pm. Feeling very hungry I wandered to Pitt St mall where I was pretty sure that the Westfield there would be open. tucked into a cheese Kransky sausage & rustic potato wedges then browsed the shops. Sadly for me, Zara proved fruitless in my quest for the White Jacket in a medium (they told me last time I was here they'd get more size M, and if not then in a "few weeks") That was 3 weeks ago and now they tell me that they had no plans to get more in. Darn it! If I hadn't thought more sizes were coming in I would have just suffered with the size S. Oh well! If anyone has one and wants to sell it, drop me a line!

I dropped by Priceline to pick up a few things (mainly hair colour which was 50%- if you use L'Oreal Excellence Creme or the new Mousse one). The "Savvy by DB" stand is still sadly filled with all the unwanted shades of Orly nail laquer. Come back, Savvy, we miss you!!

Cruised by Dotti to eye off the dress I'd been wanting, but had disappeared from their online catalogue. Lucky I did, because it was on sale from $70 to $30. Score! I was in two minds between the size 10 and the 12, and while the 12 is a little big I figured I'd err on the side of caution as I'd rather it be too long than slightly too short for Dubai. There's always leggings of course but sometimes I like to wear just a dress. My penchant for dresses continues.

Still feeling in a shopping mood, I hit up Gloss Cosmetics (2x BYS blushes in Coral and Fierce Fuschia), Woolworths for groceries and stockings for work, and of course more chocolate. Violet Crumble block, I'm talking to you.

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