Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Look

I finally changed my blog layout, what do you think? Thoughts, comments, problems??? :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Shopping In Seoul

Hello again!!!

Yesterday I got back from a trip to Seoul, South Korea. As we arrived just after 4am, it was straight home and to bed for me. I slept until 3pm and then was a good girl and went to the gym, thinking that I'd have a relatively healthy dinner of Subway (seeing as my cooking skills have not yet improved sufficently to make me brave enough to attempt using the stove again). However they were closed and in a fit of hunger I resorted to good old local Delma Delivery and got a chicken and salad roll. Accompanied with watermelon & kiwifruit, so not too bad I guess.

Seoul was a fun trip, although the flights were quite busy. One of the crew doing duty free was so sweet. Like me, she was new at it and so we were exchanging questions and I helped her with a few things and told her some of my tips to make sales. At pickup time in the lobby, she gave me a cute little parcel from a Korean makeup store- she'd bought me a nail polish as a thank you for helping her. Awwww! It's a nice brown shade which I don't have any of so will be nice for winter.

As usual in Seoul, I stocked up on cheap beauty loot. I also visited the Face Shop and got a few face masks, some nail polish & the very cute BB Balm.

Pink makeup brushes, some nail supplies, bag clips in the shape of frogs & masks from Daiso.

Nailpolish in an awesome blue-purple iridescent, a clear with pink hearts in it & the BB Balm, which is just like Benefit's Bathina but a LOT cheaper (even if the container is smaller)

Could not pass up this eye mask, which at first glance appears to be just eye shades. BUT- inside it is a gel eye pack so you can heat or cool it for headaches/tired eyes etc. Totally cute & soft =)

Here's some pictures I snapped while walking up to the CoEx Mall a few blocks from the hotel.

It was a long walk, so on the way back I decided to brave the metro system, and I didn't get totally lost, yay me!! Foreign metros always scare me at first, but then I ride them and think, "What was I worried about?"

They had station guides in English, but the attendant didn't understand my awful accent when I pronounced the name of the place I wanted to go in English. So, I went to the map, took a photo of the Korean station name and showed it to him. I reckon this is one of the best travel tips when you're dealing with foreign subways. Take a picture of the station you left from (and one you need to get to). That way if you DO get lost, you know where you need to go back to.

I actually ended up one stop further down than my hotel, but it was okay as I actually had wanted to go to the shopping district, but couldn't remember the station name and didn't want to get lost. So it ended up perfectly. I didn't need to take a long walk from the hotel AND I had more shopping time =P Hehehe

How funny is this- in the rest rooms they have an "etiquette bell". You press it and music comes out to cover the tinkle noises when you use the bathroom!

So it's not only the Japanese people who don't like sharing their toilet habits with everyone else. I actually kind of like this, as I hate being in the bathrooms and hearing someone else not caring how noisy they are, gross! :P

Of course I had to take a photo of this building. It's some sort of airline staff training academy. I can still remember when the A380 was called the "A3XX" but they've changed the tail to their acronym. Cute!

These jazz-style singers on a building reminded me of all the cool vintage blogs I've been reading lately, especially "Gatsby & Me". (Honestly, go read it, the photos are awesome!)

WANT!!! I always wanted a bike like this when I was a kid, and luckily this one is girly enough without being too childish for a grown woman to own. (Yes the owner was a woman)

Q-Garden, the vintage store I discovered on my last visit. No luck this time, as all the things I liked were WAY too small for me, but still fun to browse nonetheless. I always like to see what they have in the windows and they have some AMAZING (but expensive) shoes from a

In other news, I'm thinking about doing a new layout for the blog. I liked the pink & blue, but it doesn't really fit with my blog any more. I'm not entirely sure which direction I'll go in, but I'm sure it will be fun!

Finally I got myself a plant. Actually, two plants. One is a tiny baby cactus and the other one is- well, it looks like an aloe plant actually. I bought them in the Daiso shop in Korea (my favourite) and carried them carefully in my cabin bag so they didn't get squashed.

Meet Spike II.

My sister had a cactus called Spike but our flatmate killed it (funny story but not repeatable here) so this one is named after the first one. Haven't thought of a name for this aloe-looking plant yet, so if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment! :)

Finally I found a comapny that does some sightseeing tours of Seoul, so on my next trip I'm planning to do a half-day tour to go and see the palace, North Seoul Tower, Namdaeung Market and all the rest. Yay, can't wait!!!

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