Monday, June 25, 2012

Gettin' Savvy

Good news, Priceline fans! (Why did I think of Professor Farnsworth just then?)

Anyway, if you are a Priceline addict like me, you'll be happy to know that the brand Savvy by DB is back in stock in stores. It disappeared off shelves last year, and I was sad it had gone until one of the store assistants told me that it was for re-branding and changing of packaging, not because it was being discontinued. (Which is what usually happens to products I like.)

Aside from work, I only wear lipstick occasionally. Usually it's nude or neutral tones rather than brights, though I have been experimenting with these lately as well. My first go-to shade was a Maybelline, but when it ran out and I bought a replacement in the US, I hated it because the texture was weird and it was so hard to put it on smoothly. It dragged at my lips and made them feel gross. Since I didn't buy it again I'm not sure if it was a one-off production error or if they had changed the formula.

Back to Savvy! I really like it as a range for basics, and to cheaply experiment with colour trends as everything in the range is under $15. Most things which are over $10 are brushes or kits. The makeup items are generally about $8 at the most for fancy eyeliners. I'd been using Savvy for work shades, but since the prices are so reasonable I decided to try out some colours I normally wouldn't.

My latest purchase is their standard lipstick in "Guava". It's slightly shimmery, peachy-pink leaning more toward the orange tones. Easy to put on and I love the colour; it really picks up my complexion and gives me a pop of colour. I'd always been shy of orange/peach tones because I always thought I had yellow undertones to my skin but to my surprise they actually really suit me. The day I bought it I got compliments from three shopgirls on it, so it's doing something right!

Now of course being a cut-price product it's not super glam like department store brands, but I really couldn't tell much difference between Savvy and say, Maybelline or Rimmel. The staying power isn't horrible but not super either, but I didn't expect that given it's not advertised as a long lasting. I do need to touch up if I drink out of a glass or eat something substantial but generally there is colour still left on my lips.

My only real gripe has been with past Savvy lipsticks; after some time in my handbag the lids have become loose and tended to fall off. Since this one has the new tube, I'll keep an eye out and see if it makes any difference.

For under $5 you really can't go wrong, especially if you love to try out colours you're unsure of. The range doesn't seem to get updated hugely often but the eye products do change enough that you'd find some variety. It's also good because you can find something you liked last season and want to buy again. Most girls would find at least one lipstick they like in the range, as there's some for all skin tones and range from neutrals to classic colours and neon brights.

Now if only I can work out how to stop my lipsticks breaking in the Dubai heat...! Feel free to post your tips below.

Savvy is available from Priceline stores, range may vary between locations. This product was purchased by me, all opinions and comments are my own.

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