Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fine Frocktober Day...

At last I found a few minutes to document my latest purchase, this lovely vintage 60's dress I was lucky enough to get on eBay. I'm not normally a 60's person, but lately I've been trying out patterns & experimenting with new colours I don't normally wear.

I really love the way this dress fits. It's comfortable, and I can just wear it with flats as seen here, or dress it up for night. Did I mention I love eBay? :) So far this means aside from work days & my 1 cleaning day a week, I've been wearing dresses all month. Hopefully when my monthly allowances from work come through I can send some money to the OCRF.

I've been consciously trying to improve my pictures, and I think I've managed to make them better than they were. Using a tripod seems to help as well.

Have a great day all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Wear

Recently, I had to find a last-minute outfit for a wedding. It's not vintage, just vintage-inspired. Found this nice satin tulip dress with a b&w print, added in a Parisian-style necklace and the blue cardi to brighten it up a bit and be more 'wedding-y'.

I don't think it turned out too badly for something I found in under an hour! :)

Of Cheap & Cheerful, and Comments...

Or I should say, comment. I got my first comment on this blog, so yay! Thanks for commenting! It's nice to know other people appreciate what you write (andd by extension, that you're not completely irrelevant or crazy)

On a cheap'n'cheerful note, I picked up these little babies on a recent trip to Melbourne. I've always loved this classic colour combo:

Good for days when I need a go-to shoe... and better for less than a twenty!

In other news, I have recently figured out that a) I've become addicted to buying vintage dresses on eBay & Etsy in an alarmingly short time and b) I need to check more thoroughly for cat fur before leaving the house. The 'air hostesses' of the 40's would have fainted at my appearance this morning...

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