Thursday, July 29, 2010

One for Faux Fuschia

Seeing as Faux Fuschia reminded me about my first OPI purchase, I thought I'd share.

On my first layover in Singapore, I went to the nail salon in our hotel (funnily enough, Fuschia Lounge!!!) and fell in love with the hot pink shade of OPI's colour. I really liked that it lasted on my toes for over 2 weeks, even in my stinky crew shoes. My first colour- "Flashbulb Fuschia" which is a summer staple for poolside lounging and cocktails. I also love a pearlescent pink of "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie".

Also shown is Rimmel Lycra finish in 'Pink Oyster' (nice for work) and a CARLA nail polish that I couldn't find anywhere in Bali. Managed to beg the last bottle in stock from the beauty salon I went to by offering to buy it from their stock room :P It changes colour depending on the light and lasted for ages.

I do love this photo of Princess Mary of Denmark with the Crown Prince, her dress is so pretty. Very 1940's. I have a black and cream Alannah Hill frock similar to this, though the shape on hers is much nicer.

This would be such a cute outfit for a champagne brunch with the girls!!! Oh, and she has Chanel too! A 2.55 is on my list of things to Buy Before I Die ;)

Ok, I best get back to the books!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm so tired at the moment. We are doing the last week of the training which is all about the service onboard- how to serve the food, when to serve the food, how to make people comfortable, what are the features of the plane, seat, tv etc. I've even learned how to nicely rebuff sleazy men trying to pick up on me!

We've been practicing a little but tomorrow (Well, today actually, i's 4am now) we pretend we are flying to London in the cabin mock-up and actually serve other trainees as though they are on the plane as passengers.

Our class has the night schedule, so we finish at 11:30pm and take the bus home. I get home at around midnight, 30min to check Facebook, email etc then study until 4am. Sleep until 11:30am then get up, eat, iron uniform and study some more while watching 'The Bold & the Beautiful' (trashy yes but not so good that I'll get distracted and actually WATCH it) before heading off to catch the bus at 2pm.

EXHAUSTED. Give me emergency training any day, that's so my area of expertise!!!

Though I have to say swanning around in our hats is kind of fun!!! :)

Even our bag is red(ish)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Settling In...

So I've been here 5 weeks now and I'm starting to feel more settled here. My room is pretty big & it has a nice view, I can even see some green lawn from my window which I'm really happy about :)

The other neat thing is, I finally have a big closet again!!! This one is about 3 times the size of my old closet, woo hoo! It has a hanging section and some shelves and a drawer to store smaller things in. Yay! I finally feel organised. (Though not much of my wardrobe came over with me)

Dubai really is a shopping hotspot. While some of the stores are pretty ho-hum, most are good and are brands we don't get in Oz like Zara and Mango. (Not that I love Zara that much but anyway). H&M is good for basics and I like River Island just like when I travelled to Singapore all the time.

I changed my pink satiny bed cover for something a little more subdued. I have blue curtains in my room and my inner obssessive-compulsive hated that the bedspread didn't match the blue curtains. My big purchase to treat myself with our 'welcome money' was a pretty beige-and-blue quilt cover set which happens to be Calvin Klein hahaha. It's so comfy.
From this:

To this:

Relaxing, no? :)

I also got some sheets to match (from another store) as the ones we were given in our pack were a bit scratchy. These new ones are 500TC and sooooo smooth & nice to lie in. Comfy.

Aside from that I bought a couple of dresses as I only brought over mostly casual clothes. I'll have to post pics of them later but I got a pretty floral dress from Mango, a cute retro-style blue dress with white polka dots from Debenhams and a long b&w maxi from H&M.

I heard there's a vintage market once a month here in Dubai, really excited to go have a look! They also have a designer version where ladies sell off their old/unwanted Chanel, Balenciaga bags and shoes etc. One girl got Louboutins for $150!!

Views from my bedroom window

Looking up into the dome of Jumeirah Mosque, the only one allowing entrance to non-Muslims as part of a 'cultural understanding' program.

Pictures of the royal family are beside the road, on buildings etc

Yes they love George here too! :P

I better go iron my clothes for work. I know it's time to get reader when the tv is interrupted for prayer time... :)

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