Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm so tired at the moment. We are doing the last week of the training which is all about the service onboard- how to serve the food, when to serve the food, how to make people comfortable, what are the features of the plane, seat, tv etc. I've even learned how to nicely rebuff sleazy men trying to pick up on me!

We've been practicing a little but tomorrow (Well, today actually, i's 4am now) we pretend we are flying to London in the cabin mock-up and actually serve other trainees as though they are on the plane as passengers.

Our class has the night schedule, so we finish at 11:30pm and take the bus home. I get home at around midnight, 30min to check Facebook, email etc then study until 4am. Sleep until 11:30am then get up, eat, iron uniform and study some more while watching 'The Bold & the Beautiful' (trashy yes but not so good that I'll get distracted and actually WATCH it) before heading off to catch the bus at 2pm.

EXHAUSTED. Give me emergency training any day, that's so my area of expertise!!!

Though I have to say swanning around in our hats is kind of fun!!! :)

Even our bag is red(ish)


  1. I love Dubai. My sister lived there for ages as a hostie for Emmirates (which my mum always got confused by and callled the Immigrants). Have you found Cinnabon yet? I love those hot sweet sugary rolls. x

  2. Oh really? Yeah so many Aussies here at the moment! Haven't had much time for food yet but will keep an eye out for it!!


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