Sunday, July 25, 2010

Settling In...

So I've been here 5 weeks now and I'm starting to feel more settled here. My room is pretty big & it has a nice view, I can even see some green lawn from my window which I'm really happy about :)

The other neat thing is, I finally have a big closet again!!! This one is about 3 times the size of my old closet, woo hoo! It has a hanging section and some shelves and a drawer to store smaller things in. Yay! I finally feel organised. (Though not much of my wardrobe came over with me)

Dubai really is a shopping hotspot. While some of the stores are pretty ho-hum, most are good and are brands we don't get in Oz like Zara and Mango. (Not that I love Zara that much but anyway). H&M is good for basics and I like River Island just like when I travelled to Singapore all the time.

I changed my pink satiny bed cover for something a little more subdued. I have blue curtains in my room and my inner obssessive-compulsive hated that the bedspread didn't match the blue curtains. My big purchase to treat myself with our 'welcome money' was a pretty beige-and-blue quilt cover set which happens to be Calvin Klein hahaha. It's so comfy.
From this:

To this:

Relaxing, no? :)

I also got some sheets to match (from another store) as the ones we were given in our pack were a bit scratchy. These new ones are 500TC and sooooo smooth & nice to lie in. Comfy.

Aside from that I bought a couple of dresses as I only brought over mostly casual clothes. I'll have to post pics of them later but I got a pretty floral dress from Mango, a cute retro-style blue dress with white polka dots from Debenhams and a long b&w maxi from H&M.

I heard there's a vintage market once a month here in Dubai, really excited to go have a look! They also have a designer version where ladies sell off their old/unwanted Chanel, Balenciaga bags and shoes etc. One girl got Louboutins for $150!!

Views from my bedroom window

Looking up into the dome of Jumeirah Mosque, the only one allowing entrance to non-Muslims as part of a 'cultural understanding' program.

Pictures of the royal family are beside the road, on buildings etc

Yes they love George here too! :P

I better go iron my clothes for work. I know it's time to get reader when the tv is interrupted for prayer time... :)

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