Monday, October 4, 2010

Pearl Harbor Style...

A few days ago I posted about a plane trip I took in a vintage aircraft. (You can read about it here.)

For that outing, I dressed "1940's style" to celebrate the occasion and the fact that you don't get to fly in a beautiful classic aircraft like this every day. (I also wanted to bring back a bit of the glamour to flying, hehe)

My outfit was inspired by Kate Beckinsale's character in Pearl Harbor, I simply loved all her clothes in the movie and knew that a black and white outfit was the perfect choice and would be fairly easy to achieve in the short preparation time that I had.

I already had the dress, a B&W bird print frock from Target. The suede platforms were borrowed from my sister, the bag was vintage reproduction and the hair flower (frangipani like Kate of course!) was found in a hair supply store.

Here's some photos of Kate in the film.

Since the plane ride, I purchased a dress from Alannah Hill that has a strikingly similar ribbon print to the dress that Kate wears in the film.

From a distance it would look almost identical. Of course, the shape on mine is different but adding some small shoulder pads could make it more 40's-authentic! (Of course, the model is way taller than me, so when I put it on, it falls just below the knee, the way it should for the 1940's look)

If you're a fan of 1940's style as well, and like Kate's "off duty" 1940's beach bunny look,

check out this cute sarong-suit pattern from Wearing History patterns! How adorable is it...

(Photos: from Fanpop website, copyrights are owned by the filmmakers and are for inspiration purposes only)

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