Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Read All About It...

When I was little, I read books all the time. I read so much that I could get through books in a matter of days. I remember reading the Lord of the Rings (all 3 books) within a week when I was around 9 years old. Sadly, being an adult and having to work means less time to read, and the internet has taken over my life a little bit more than books, but I still like to occasionally sit down and read a book.

I also like collecting vintage books, specifically ones about flight attendants. I managed to find some really cool ones on Etsy & Ebay. I'd ordered one back in September but sadly, it seemed that it had got lost in the mail. Then last week, I got a card from the post office saying that there was a parcel for me to collect. Yay! It was my long-awaited book...

It was well-wrapped which is always good.

How nice is this cover illustration?

Even the spine had a cute 'stewardess' in uniform on it.

I read this book on my day off in the park. It was a really good story, part of a series written in the 60's to give young girls an idea about what kind of careers they could have. I wish there was more than one about 'World Airways' though, the characters were good. I even ended up with a bit of a crush on officer Maitland, the blonde-haired hero of the story ;P


  1. that's a lovely surprise, thinking it got lost then suddenly there it is! :) perfect timing for christmas! sort of an unexpected present. you've been good, it seems. :)


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