Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Floral Feet

While in Auckland on my last trip, I ventured out of the hotel in search of food (feeling rather seedy after a night out I might add) and happened upon a cute op-shop called Paper Bag Princess. I only intended to look but these rather cute floral heels caught my eye. Just for fun, I tried them on. My size!! (It was a sign.)

They were only $10 and appear to be unworn. I've seen similar styles in the chain stores in Dubai and London for well over $60 Aussie dollars. Bargain! Of course they happily followed me home in my suitcase.

All along this street near the hotel were some cute vintage stores and gift shops. I totally intend on going back to explore properly on my next Auckland trip later this week. I'm hoping to get some photos too! :)

Paper Bag Princess

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