Monday, September 20, 2010

Surprising Seoul

Hello again all, I'm back for another post! it's amazing how time seem to fly here in the sandpit, I suppose the fact that I spend most of my time away and flying probably has something to do with it.

After a slow-ish month in August, this month so far has been a lot busier what with work and also some nice meetups with friends and outings on my days off.

Since my last post, the trips I've done were:

Seoul, South Korea
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (a there-and-back flight)
Sydney/Auckland (my favourite trip!)
London (which I just got back from this morning)

Now I have 2 days off and a standby before my last flight for September, which is another Sydney/Auckland 5 day trip. Lucky me, back to Australia twice in one month! Although Sydney is not my home town, it's nice to be back in my country just the same. All the stores and familiar and I can get in & out of the supermarket quickly as I don't have to spend ages searching for what I want. I always stock up on 'essentials' while there :)

On to the highlights of SEOUL!!!

View from my hotel room, isn't it pretty

I had big plans to sightsee and was really excited to go to Seoul. Sadly, none of the crew wanted to sightsee as they had all been before, and unless you speak Korean, it's quite difficult to get around to all the places of interest as they are quite far from the hotel. Also, it rained quite a bit which really curbed my desire to get out and about. I plan to do some research online & get one of the Korean crew to write me some notes in Korean which I can use to get to where I want to go on my next trip.

Instead, I went with 2 of the girls to the high street shopping area about 6 blocks from our hotel. We had a look around and then found a place to have dinner. At the time I didn't know that anything red-coloured in Korea is extremely spicy! I had some BBQ chicken which while great, just about burnt my eyes out, the look on my face was apparently priceless. However, there was this strange yellow pickle thing which I venture to try & it was actually quite good.

Next day I returned to the main street for a little bit of shopping with my

allowance money.

Cute French bakery- the food they have here is soooo good (and cheap too!)

I got some local foods like sweets & chocolate before stopping at Daiso, the "1000-won" type store. It's so good! Everything there is very cheap 1-3000 won (about USD$1-3) and there's such an abundance of cute stuff! I picked up lots of art stuff like origami paper and some makeup brushes, bathroom supplies etc along with some other 'cute' items like a photo holder and a coffee mug.

Face Shop was closed for renovations so Skinfood had to do. Didn't find much that I liked but the girl gave me some samples. I bought a really nice redcurrant hand cream from 'Banila', a cosmetic store which reminded me of Benefit. The packaging is so sweet! :)

Wall mural in a little back alley

Street view

Even the packaging on potato chips is cute!! So adorable I wanted to buy it just for the bag :P

Finally I rounded out my trip to Seoul with a visit to Q Boutique, a cute vintage store I discovered in a back street. Vintage stores seem to be uncommon in Asia (at least that I have seen) and although on the increase I was happy to find one, especially a shop that was quite large and with a good range. The owner was really helpful and although she didn't speak much English I was able to get her opinion on my choices by use of mining and gestures :P I ended up buying a late 70's/early 80's sleeveless summer dress in a tiny floral print. It's really cute with a thin black belt (photos to come at some point in the future when I wear it out) Following week I was mad to see that Topshop had a dress in nearly the same print. Why must they copy everything, argh!!!

View on the way to Seoul.

That's it for now as Blogger refuses to upload any more pics, coming up I have some outfit posts and what I did in London & Sydney.

Hope you're all doing great!

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