Friday, September 24, 2010

Dashing Dress

Wow, I'm doing ok with keeping up the posts lately (Better not tell work or they will think I'm not flying enough) :P

Here's a catch-up post of one of the dresses I bought shortly before my move, I'm hoping to get some of my own photos but for now these ones taken by 'Trashy Vintage' will have to do.

I'm not normally one for bold designs but this dashiki dress in hot fuschia pink really caught my eye. How fab for wearing around the pool or to somewhere like Bangkok? I can wear it casual with flats or dress it up with a belt and some awesome jewellery for night!

There's such a melting pot of cultures here in Dubai, and I love that a lot of the women still wear the traditional dress of their homelands. I see lots of Indian women in colourful saris, Gulf ladies in colorful abayas and scarves, and of course the Emirati women, while wearing black robes, still have embellishments on their shaylas (headscarves), colourful designer bags and fabulous shoes. I feel like I can get away with a dress like this here much more easily than I could back home.

Have you bought anything fun lately?


  1. Hello Miss long time no see!

    Thanks for visiting again! New post if you're interested! I'll be trying to post more often...Im slightly hopeless!

  2. Im not usally into this style either but I am digging this dress! Love the colours. I just bought some fun pastel denim shorts in pale blue & purple :)


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