Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Jet Girl Vintage Christmas

Over the last few years, Christmas has been anything but 'normal'. Often, I'm away from my friends & loved ones, so do my best to enjoy Christmas with the people I happen to be in company with. Sometimes this is colleagues, having a nice Christmas lunch in a hotel. Or it might be wearing reindeer ears and using tinsel to decorate the plane, bring some Christmas cheer, and make an annoucement to all the kids that we've spotted Santa heading south on the radar :)

So here I gve you my Perfect Vintage Christmas!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Christmas Eve I would pack my suitcase, heading off into the world on another adventure.

Soon I would be on my way to Melbourne- on a vintage V-Jet of course!!

Along the way I would have a great time cheering up all the children on the flight; serving hot chocolate, singing carols on the tannoy and playing 'Spot Santa' out of the windows...

And giving the children a welcome home Christmas gift when we arrive on Christmas Day...

At the airport, where families are waiting for their loved ones to arrive for the Christmas visit,

I have a great surprise to find Super Kawaii Mama & Lady Melbourne to welcome me as Melbourne is not my home...

They drive me in a gorgeous vintage convertible to this lovely park

And set up on a nice patch of lawn is this Christmas picnic feast!

Of course presented in a retro-appropriate picnic set :)

After lots of conversation (about vintage dresses and other goodies!) we have a nice game of croquet to work off lunch.

Oh, and I'd be wearing this dress!

Soon the ladies head off to spend the rest of Christmas with their nearest & dearest, while I go to my hotel and there I find this in my room!

Wow a vintage Christmas tree, yay!

The hotel have left me a DVD, so I settle in with some cookies and milk to watch it.

On my pillow I find a beautifully wrapped present from my family:

Excitedly, I take off the paper and this is what is inside-

The Silkstone Stewardess Barbie!!! I've wanted one for ever!

I pick up the gorgeous hotel phone to call and thank them

And we spend hours reminiscing about Christmases past. Then I put on my special Christmas pyjamas and go to sleep, after the best Vintage Christmas ever!!

Merry Vintage Christmas, all!!!

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Lastly, my rather lame drawing of SKM as an anime girl... didn't realise how out of practice I was, I haven't drawn in over a year! :/

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