Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yes, I just made the word up, but it's all for a good cause*. I loved the few days I managed to participate in Frocktober, and I love the idea of doing something fun for a good cause. So, I've come up with the idea to do my own month of wearing dresses, and have called it "Dressember" (clever huh!)

A cause close to my heart is that of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). There wouldn't be many Australians who don't know of this organisation. The RFDS was the first and is now the most comprehensive aero-medical organisation anywhere in the world. They are a not-for-profit organisation, supported by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, they also receive generous donations from the community and corporations.

I've decided to donate $2 per dress(day) to the RFDS, amounting to $62. It doesn't seem like a lot, but every bit counts. I'm hoping once I'm past the quiet period at work & earning more money that I can donate more.

It would be great to get support for the RFDS and their essential work, so if you like what I'm doing, please keep checking back and if you feel so inclined, it would be great if you too could donate whatever you can by clicking here! Thanks, and stay tuned for some Dressember posts! :)

Edit: it has come to my attention that there's already such a thing as 'Dressember'. But I didn't know about it when I had the idea. So, this is *my* version of 'Dressember'...


  1. Lovely idea - and heck yes it's "yours", you thought of it, right?!

    You have a very cute blog, I especially love the title!

    You're so right about my pearls and what they'd have been worth to the person that found them - that's why I assumed they'd be gone *blushes*
    I wanted to give them a reward but the hotel was just like "security has them"...?
    Hopefully they get great karma at least!

    I'm off to link you :)

    <3 xxx

  2. I wouuld have assumed so too! Guess it goes to teach us that not everyone out there is bad!!! :)

    Thanks for the compliments!!!! ^_^


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