Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Necklace, Two Styles

Earlier this year, Lady Melbourne was a stylist for the GPO 'Win Your Spring Racing Outfit' competition. In one of her blog posts about the shopping day, Lady M commented that she admired the necklace which her winner, Claire, was wearing on the day.

(Photo from Melbourne GPO's Flickr stream)

It just so happened that I had bought a few of these on sale, and they had been sitting unworn in my jewellery box. I thought what better home could it have than to go to Lady M who I was sure would make it feel more than welcome in her wardrobe! :P

I still have the same necklace in the white/clear version, and here it is in some photos I took last month. At the time I didn't have access to the outfit that I REALLY wanted to wear, so I tried to do something a little different to usual. I was also trying to get some photos that didn't look like I held out the camera and pressed the button!

Necklace: Diva
Top: Bought in the UK
Skirt: Temt
Belt: Random purchase in Brisbane
Purple Ring: Diva
Silver Twist Ring: Bought in Florence
Silver Band Ring: Found on a remote beach when I was young
Sunglasses: Vintage

Lady M also styled the jewellery in her own interpretation, pop on over to her blog for a peep!


  1. I love that skirt! Tempt always has some really good stuff =)

  2. Ooh, I love that skirt :) Ad I just saw Lady M's post, thats so lovely of you to give her your unworn things! I was thinking about perhaps organising a clothing swap once I got to Sydney (and you of course would be invited) until I realised that I wouldn't have many clothes to swap because I'm trying to get rid of everything before I leave. Oh well, a catch up with some lovely Sydney bloggers would be just as nice :)

  3. Miri, I love Temt too but I have to stay away from them now because it's too much temptation!!!! :P

    PLP, isn't it a shame, it would be so fun to have a swap party! Though I'm sure a lot of girls would be happy to pay postage, when do you leave? maybe you could put some pics up and we can buy the clothes you don't want to bring with :P


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