Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the Road

Hey all. Quick update from Auckland. I'm sitting in Gloria Jean's eating my breakfast & enjoying a hot chocolate while I catch up on my emails and so on.

Flight to Sydney was pretty full-on, quite busy and as we had 5 crew under 3 months on the flight it was a bit of a challenge to say the least. They did well though considering and hopefully now the return flight will go a little more smoothly.

We'd been delayed 2 hours leaving Dubai so arrived into Sydney and got to our hotel rooms just before 9am. I would have loved to just collapse itno bed, but alas, plenty of errands to do.

I discovered that yet again, Vodafone had cut off my phone. Which is awesomely useful to me as I need it for the 2 days that I'm in Oz. I headed to Vodafone to sort it out and found that they had not only blocked my phone but they had blocked INCOMING calls! How dare they! I get blocking me from MAKING calls, but I do not think it's right that they stop other people from calling me. Really mad at them and I plan on making a complaint to the relevant consumer protection department when I get back to Sydney. That block resulted in my family being unable to contact me while I was home. So they had to then make interstate calls to the hotel, which is really unfair when they can call me on mobile plans for no extra cost.

Anyway. Flight to Auckland was good, not too many problems and the service went well. It was one of the girls' birthday so we pooled some money and bought her a present from the duty free. Even the pilots chipped in which was nice as often they don't. Got to the hotel and planned on seeing a movie but I never got a call from the others saying when/where so skipped it. Went for a look at the shops down the road. Really tempted to buy a lamp in the shape of an owl but I didn't as a) I'm not meant to spend lots of money and b) how would it fit in my luggage, hahaha.

Crashed out from 9pm to 9am, was so tired I even fell asleep fully clothed on top of my bed. (Not before watching half an hour of Bear Grylls on tv though)

Going to have another quick look at the shops and then read a bit of my book in the park across the road. Weather here is gorgeous and sunny, yay!!!!

Back to Sydney tonight, will hopefully catch up with sis again before I leave. Saw her the other night and we had dim sum for dinner in Chinatown, but only briefly. Then in Sydney I need to try get an appointment with a specialist. Going to find out once and for all about getting my pilot's license medical. Been getting vague answers everywhere so I just need to pony up the cash and get it looked at in person. Eyes are the problem, as usual!

Got some cute photos of a vintage store here but I didn't bring my camera cable so they'll have to wait.

I also forgot my phone charger so I might try find a USB one now.

Catch ya!


  1. Oh that sucks about your phone, damn vodafone!!


  2. Dubai to Sydney is a looong way. I flew from Perth to Dubai and that was long enough. I looked into flights from Sydney to Dubai, though, and it seems like it wasn't the extra several hours I thought it would be. I guess from Sydney to Dubai they take such a direct path that the flight time is approximately equal to the Perth to Dubai flight time. At any rate, you are quite strong to make that trip so often!

  3. Yup, DXB-SYD is between 13-14 and Perth is about 11. We cross the coast on a SYD-DXB around Learmonth, which is only about 1.5hrs flight from Perth :)

    Only strong because I spend my days off sleeping! :P


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