Friday, October 29, 2010

Downtown Burj Dubai

Here's a few pictures taken on a recent trip to the Dubai mall. I enjoy watching the fountains and the general atmosphere of people milling around, catching up with friends and the vibe of the place.

While night time is obviously spectacular, with the lights and music and fountains, I enjoy the moments at dusk just before the sun sets, throwing nice orangey lights over the glassy buildings.

Gratuitous 'tourist' shot with the Burj Du- I mean Khalifa*. I'm one of those people who unashamedly takes photos everywhere I go. At first, I'd get lucky with a few amazing shots at the end, but now I'm starting to enjoy taking my time to compose a photo and think about different angles and camera settings when I press the button. Eventually, I'd like to get a decent SLR camera.

Souk Al Bahar. This place is on the list for further exploration. I've seen the fountains on at night but one day I'd like to go, watch the sunset AND the fountain show together.

(* -a saying stolen borrowed from my friend Mel, who frequently starts to say 'Burj Dubai' then corrects herself midsentence, as she lived here while BK was originally known by that name)


  1. You are so lucky! I've always wanted to go to Dubai!


  2. You should, hmmm then again maybe not, I can see you and your mum going totally crazy in the malls here, the accessories are to die for (handbags, shoes, etc etc)

  3. Thanks for the photos! (I haven't been there yet - shhhh)


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