Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage-Inspired Shoes

As you may know, I'm currently clearing out my wardrobe in preparation for the big move. I thought I'd give you ladies a heads-up about some cute shoes which will be going up on eBay over the next few days. Although not actually vintage, they could work well for a number of looks. Here's some photos. If you're really desperately in love with any of them, leave a comment and I'll think about just selling them via my blog instead :) (Postage would be around $12 Australia wide if you want them in a box)

Leopard Print Pin-Up Platform Heels (Worn once, cost $65) $20 (I think Sz 9)

Ultra Cute Red Bow Trim Heels (New, Cost $60) $25 Sz 8

Pierre Fontaine Black Patent Peep Toe Ankle Strap Heels (New) $20 Sz 8

Leave a comment if you're interested! (If you want more than one pair I'd combine shipping,let me know & I'll get a postage quote)


  1. The red bow trim heels are incredibly cute. I would not imagine you getting rid of them. The placement o the bow and the mix of color gold and red makes this pair of shoes a high commodity. Keep in touch!

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  2. I love the Pierre Fontiane heels!! I have been searching everywhere for this pair to replace the ones that I lost. Please contact me at
    Regards Kelly Simons.

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Sorry I didn't see this message before I moved, I don't have the shoes any more :(


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