Friday, April 30, 2010

Bali Hi!

Hi all! I'm in Bali at the moment, and boy is it HOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!! It is SO humid, but I guess at least the heat is preparing me for my move to Dubai, as it will be the hottest part of the year!

So far I have done some shopping, I bought some cute dresses from the markets and scored a gorgeous vintage style nautical dress from Centro Mall. It was on the exxy side for Bali but as it worked out to about $18 back home I didn't mind, it's a shirt dress so good for the cooler weather we've been having back home lately.

I also got two fake perfumes (I know, I know, fake is bad) but they are really good copies and were about $3 each, plus a pretty floral handbag which says Jimmy Choo but I might take that badge off it. Just to stop me being so stinky all the time here! I also got some wooden cats to add to my collection, hope Quarantine don't take them off me!!

Of course the best part so far has been my friends' wedding; it was traditional Balinese and held at the groom's grandparents' house. They were so welcoming and hospitable and the bride looked beautiful, if a little warm in all her wedding gear!

Tomorrow is day spa (6 hours of pampering for $60AUD!!!!) and a little more shopping. Sunday I plan to visit the safari park to see the animals and hopefully hold a baby tiger :) then some relaxing by the pool and Monday it's home time (but not before another hot stone massage!!!)

See you soon, photos to come of course!!!!!

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