Thursday, May 20, 2010


Having some serious freak-out time at the moment!!!

Have realised I have a shade ovr 3 weeks until I'm on a plane and out of here.

SO much to do before then. I have no idea what I'm even taking with me. What DOES one take when moving to a new country?

Clothes, obviously. My quilt cover & photos so it feels like home. A supply of makeup & toiletries to last me until I get paid properly again.

My computer, some DVDs, a couple of my favourite books.

I need to buy a Nintendo DS as I've been using my sister's. Totally addicted to this game called the 'Legendary Starfy', it's so cute!!!

Obviously the DS is not a priority, but oh well.

Less worried about the money situation, I have about $500 saved to live off plus $200 in my Paypal from selling my:) old stuff on Ebay. My last 2 pays from work will go to my credit cards and a couple of my car payments so I don't need to worry about them for awhile.

Need to buy other things such as: new jeans, some new bras, some flat black shoes for training (I only have heels)

Question: I have my awesome zebra strappy heels, totally impractical but do I take them????

Moresoon, including a pic of my awesome vintage dress from ebay that I 'stole' for $18!!!!

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