Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Keep or Not to Keep...

...that is the question. I got these wedge shoes on ebay and I ADORE them... except they are about a quarter of a size too small. Now, the dilemma is, do I keep them for sit-down outings (walk to car, walk from car to dinner, walk back to car-type things) or pass them on??

They are so cute but... I really must downsize. Thoughts?

In other news, my new favourite blog of the moment is Domestic Divinity by M, it is really funny but fashion-y and like me she is addicted to nail polish & has to deal with having half a family which hails from Wog-land and all the craziness which that entails!!

While discovering new blogs is fun, I fear all of the awesome sales she has linked to are going to be a bad thing for my Visa balance... the first victim of which I feel may be this Alannah Hill dress...

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