Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So I officially got the call from Emirates Recruitment, advising me to attend the medical checks and provide certain other documents to them to enable the visa processing to begin.

Thus far, I have made appointments and am attending my first one later on this afternoon. This one is for the eye doctor. Well, firstly, my optometrist, so he can tell me if I need to see the eye specialist or not. Basically, I have had a certain eye condition since birth, so far it has not impeded me in any way and I have passed 3 medical tests to Australian aviation standard. The visit is pretty much to certify that I do not have the 'unacceptable' form of the condition and to get documentation to that effect.

Following on from that, if all goes well later in the month I'll have my last wisdom tooth removed at the same time as getting the dental exam forms done and then the general check-up by my GP and the blood tests/injections. (I am not looking forward to those!)

In other news, the clothing/possessions cull is going along fairly well. My ebay earnings have hit just under $200 which of course will either being going right onto the credit card, or into the fund for paying for all these required medical tests.

On the fun front, my Bali trip is getting closer. I had considered not going to save the money, but it is my friend's wedding after all, and a short relaxing holiday is probably a good thing for me to do before I head off overseas for the intensive training/settling in period in Dubai.

I'll be listing some more shoes and so forth in the next few days, so why not have a look at my Ebay listings :)
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  1. Congratulations! :) If I may ask, do you have a previous cabin crew experience?:)


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