Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off the Wagon

Confession Time: I fell off my 'non-spending' wagon last week BIG TIME. So, it's down to business and not buying anything I don't need. I blame my birthday & having lots of free time in Brisbane- a city where it's FAR too easy to get to the mall & department stores from my hotel. At least in Sydney, it requires a train or bus ride so mostly I cannot be bothered.

I'm considering freezing my credit card in ice (a la Becky Bloomwood in 'Shopaholic') as it just doesn't seem able to stay in my purse. I'm kind of blaming Alannah Hill a little, her stuff is just TOO cute.

The great closet clear-out continues, getting rid of things I no longer wear and trying to plan a wardrobe around basics in classic black and white with a few accents. For my birthday I had purchased a few items, one being a 'Friends of Couture' cardi in black with white trim & an Alannah Hill dress in a black & white print. (Posts to come on those once I find my camera cable)

On my to-do list:

* Finish reading "The Power of Now' (have any of you read it, what did you think?)
* Watch how I speak (slipping too easily into 'bogan-esque' these days)
* Keep my room tidier (culling wardrobe should help)
* List culled items on eBay/Etsy

That's about it for now, hoping to do some more posts when I get a bit more 'me time' :)


  1. Hey babe, gee I haven't visited you in ages! :)

    I adore The Power Of Now, I think it's his best book and life changingly good <3 In fact, I'm always intending to reread it - you've inspired me to get it out and dust it's the kind of book you can just pick up again and again and gain so much just be reading a random few pages!

    Feeling you on the non spending wagon. I fell off too, just 5 mins ago - damn internet shopping!

    May we both be strong and avoid frivilous spending hee hee!

    <3 xx

  2. Cool! I'm reading the book too.
    Listen to a nice Eckhart Tolle interview at

  3. PB, thanks for visiting!!! I know, it is TOO easy to spend with the online shops taunting & teasing... I need one of thse internet nanny software things that blocks eBay... :P

    Icing, thanks for the link, will check it out later!


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