Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exciting News...

I've been a bit slack lately with posting, I do have plenty of pictures to share but have been super-busy! What have I been doing?

At the last minute, I heard about a walk-in open house for Emirates. They are hiring more crew as they are getting a lot of new planes this year and need more flight attendants. I had tried out for them 4 or 5 times since 2005 but never had any luck getting past the open house.

This past weekend, I went along and I made it past the open house, to the group callback and finally I received an invitation to the final interview! I had that yesterday morning and they said I will know within 2 weeks if I am moving to Dubai! Wow it went so fast and was unexpected, my head is spinning! Of course, this all depends on my passing a (very thorough) medical test which I don't anticipate any problems with! I loved my interview outfits if I do say so myself, sadly I was so caught up in wanting to pass that I forgot to take any pictures!!!

First day I wore a pretty 60's-inspired shift dress with a black and white print along with a more traditional black suit jacket and patent black high heels. The second day I wore a black suit, white shirt and a pretty red-and-black equestrian print scarf (I do have a picture of that!) and the third day kept it simple with black jacket & skirt with a white shirt.

So that's my big news for this week! Oh, one more thing. The lady told me that a few successful applicants will be chosen after training to start right away flying on Emirates' flagship plane, the double-decker A380! How excitement!


  1. Congratulations, sounds great! I am flying o/seas (London, Dublin Paris - yaah!) in April. But I am travelling with hubby and two children so just pray you don't get allocated to my section (you are currently doing domestic so you are lucky there!). Look forward to the pics and best of luck for a new job with Emirates! Cheers, Maria, Vintage Suburbia

  2. Hi, Nice blog you have here, really enjoyed browsing your page & Congrats on your new job, Happy Flying =)

  3. Thank you VS, I don't mind kids so long as mum & dad pay attention to them :)

    Thank you Star, thanks for the congrats. I just received an email about uniforms and once I send it back I get to know if I have the job/medical or not!


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