Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shhh... Sweet Secrets

It's funny how some things from childhood really stick in our memories and stay there for long time. I still vividly remember certain things I owned when I was little; mostly toys and clothes; that still make me smile when I remember them.

In the midst of Transformers-fever in the 1980's, Galoob toy company came up with an alternative for little girls, pretend makeup & beauty products hidden inside jewellery and animal bodies- called 'Sweet Secrets'. As they got more popular, the toys got more complex, like stationery & actual make up inside like lip gloss & blush... too cute!

I remember them being an absolute craze when I was in the first few years of kindy & school in the late 80's, and one of my most favourite toys at that age was a Sweet Secrets mouse. He had a blue casing with a red jewel, and folded out just like a Transformer does. The 'jewel' pendant had a clip on the back so you could wear it on your clothes, and I recall mine also had a lanyard with a toggle clasp so you could wear it like a necklace. I think my father bought mine for me, which made me miss it even more as he passed away when I was 12. Imagine how happy I was recently to stumble across not only the retro ads on Youtube, but the exact mouse pendant on eBay. (I had to buy it :)

So I was excited when the packet finally arrived in the mail...

Yay! I love my mouse again, currently he is keeping my books company on the shelf. Did you ever have these in the 80's, or another favourite toy? Share it in the comments... :)

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  1. OMG YEEEEEEESSSSS! I had a bunch of these too, I wonder what on earth I did with them! Thank you so much for posting, though my bank balance probably won't say thank you because now I'm going to have to hunt for them again XD


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