Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Easy Being Green

Lately I've been trying to increase the ways in which I can be environmentally conscious. I've always recycled for as long as we've had recycling service where I live, but I want to do more.

As it's nearly a new year, I've made some resolutions which I hope to stick to as much as possible. Here they are!

* Buy products with less or no packaging, and recycle everything that is recyclable
* Try to use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible
* Switch off lights and appliances when I'm not using them
* Avoid using the car for short trips when I can
* Get rid of the junk residing in the car & reduce the amount of fuel I use
* Try to buy vintage or make my own clothes instead of labels from chains

Another thing which I always do is to buy audited barn-laid eggs. A common misconception is that free range are best for hens, but to get a 'free range' label, the farms only have to let the chickens out for say 10 mins a day and the rest of the time they could be in cages. For 'barn laid', they have to be in a large enclosure, able to wander around. Sunny Queen do barn laid eggs where the chickens have free access to food and dirt to scratch around like regular chickens. Another brand I bought recently (sadly I forgot the name but will let you know) comes from a family-owned farm where the chickens are fed only organic grains and food, and treated humanely. The eggs cost $2-3 more but I think it's worth it for the chickens!

Of course the best eggs are one that come from your own hens, but as we are unable to keep any, being choosy about which eggs we buy is the next best thing!

Now to the pictures! I've had a few dresses which I bought during winter & hadn't had a chance to wear yet, but with the weather heating up they've been great versatile pieces to take with me on my travels, easily dressed up or down :)

In these pictures I'm also wearing my new prescription sunglasses, they're red-brown DKNY frames. Still getting used to the graduated tint! bonus was, I didn't pay a cent for them as they're covered by my private medical insurance. If you have HBF/medibank etc, make sure to check that you've used your yearly entitlements, as the re-set on the 1st of January. I'm planning to get some new everyday glasses next year!

Dress: Boutique in Sydney
Necklace: Diva, I think, it was a few years ago!
Sunglasses: DKNY from OPSM
Sandals: Shoe store in Bondi Beach

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  1. Love the dress - and I totally agree with you about trying to be greener, we all need to do our part :) There is a great film you should watch if you can called 'The Age Of Stupid' I downloaded it for free of their website (Just google it). Not sure if its still there, but it really does wake you up and make you want to do what ever you can.


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