Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grape, Eggplant, Plum...

I love how so many colours have fruit names... or maybe it's the other way round, the colours are named after the fruit! :P

I've been working on taking better photos for my blog and thinking a bit more about the outfits that I put together. I enjoy styling different pieces in my wardrobe and reading all of your blogs gives me ideas and inspiration that I wouldn't otherwise have thought of.

Lately I've been travelling a lot so I took advantage of the nice hotel rooms to take some pics. The decor in this one happened to fit in really well with my purple theme today ;)

I fell in love with the arty floral print on this skirt, and the shape is really pretty & flattering. It came with the belt shown but I think I'll add my own or wear it without, depending on what I pair it up with. I think a grey tank would look really bqasic but nice.

And lastly, as Lady Melbourne often says, you should never pay retail for anything! I've been a longtime bargain hunter, always looking in the discount bins & racks, and finding things that might be a little flawed but repairable. Recently I saw these shoes on sale for a measly $9.95. I'd been coveting some jewelled sandals for summer for ages, and these had originally been $89.95. I gave them a careful once-over but couldn't see anything wrong with them aside from some slight trying-on marks. SOLD! :)

Top: Valleygirl
Skirt: Temt
Belt: With Skirt
Sandals: Forever New

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