Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Needs Bratz?

Most little girls own dolls during their childhood, mine were mainly Barbie or the odd Rainbow Brite doll; today it's Bratz and whatever teen stars are popular at the moment.

One rare treat my mother used to buy me, but which were very common in the 50's and 60's, was paper dolls. Again, mine were Barbie, Lady Lovelylocks or She-Ra, but common themes in earlier times were movie stars or other role models little girls looked up to.

One of the professions that many girls aspired to was to be a stewardess (or air hostess if they lived in the UK)

These paper dolls are just so cute, and also another good way to get an insight into the fashions of the day. The airline stewardess set comes with uniform, and clothes for play. The good news is, you can buy reprints of the original dolls from Judy's Place.

I thought this was a really interesting set for the times- Girl Pilots, a booklet from the 40's. Nice to see girl power was alive & well back then, and not only for nurses and WRANs :P

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