Monday, October 5, 2009

Play Day

I've always liked the vintage playsuit look, but never found one that I liked well enough on me. They always rode up and gave me 'hungry bum', or what the Go Fug Yourself girls refer to as 'polterwang' (unfortunate bunching up in the front)

My first Etsy purchase was this cute vintage playsuit. I was going on measurements provided by the seller, but figured I could always alter it into a dress if I had to. I didn't need to; it fits great. The main point which had me sold was the pattern- too cute to resist bees and butterflies!

I wore it for my day out in the French Riviera, and got lots of comments from local ladies. Can't wait to get more wear out of it in summer =)

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  1. Cute shoes! As if you were in jealous!


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