Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Wide Awake...

So I'm on a layover and have been awake since 1am, catching up on emails etc. It's now about 4:30am, and appropriately, the Katy Perry song with the same lyrics is playing on MTV in the background.

I know I've been really bad with updating the blog for the last month or two, but not for lack of desire to blog! It seems like the times I've wanted to, Blogger just hasn't wanted to upload any of my photos and as you would all probably agree, photos make a blog, especially one about travelling.

So for now I'm going to bite the bullet and write a little something while I have the advantage of fast hotel internet with which to do so. I've had quite a few things I want to blog about, but as always by the time I get to I've usually forgotten a lot of the little details I wanted to mention. I really do need to start keeping a little notebook for these kinds of things.

Recently, I flew a trip to Sydney via Bangkok, which was my first on a new aircraft type I've trained on about 6 months ago. This flight had to happen in order to keep me legal to operate on that aircraft type, since we must have a flight at least every six months. As it had been so long since the training, I needed to study my books a bit to brush up on the details.

It was a great trip and I'd like to do a post just about that, but I'll leave you with a few photos to enjoy. Summer in Australia is great, and lucky me had not one not two but three trips to Oz in November. I'm currently on reserve and was expecting a lot of turnarounds, but no, it was off to Australia again! Now if only they can manage to do the same for Christmas... ;)

Finally, a big welcome to all the new crew joining my airline who have found my blog or sent me emails. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have, and as always feel free to email or Tweet me with any questions. (Just remember, be careful about what/how much detail you post about the Airline and so on - a bit of friendly advice from an 'oldie')

Up in the air... beautiful sunrise. Best part of the 'office'

After years of going to Sydney, I finally got to see the Luna Park lights!


'Radiance of the Seas' visiting Sydney.

The iconic Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower
Hope all of you out there in blogland are keeping well and enjoying the festive season with your family and friends :)


  1. Miss your posts! :) I've been a bit of a slacker with my blog too! Miss you!! Come to Canada!

  2. I totally need to go to Cancun after seeing your photos, the sea is amazing!!!

    Miss you too! I need to share pics of my geeky Christmas tree, haha :)

  3. Bloggy inspiration comes and goes, but yr doing a great job here! Love the blog! :D

  4. Bloggy inspiration comes and goes! But yr doing a great job with yr blog, loves it!

  5. Thanks, I love yours! Trying to use time off to schedule some posts so it doesn't matter when I get 'lazy' ;)


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