Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Empty...

I've seen quite a lot of bloggers do posts about the empty jars & bottles of products they use up. I'd never bothered before but while cleaning out my bathroom recently I decided that I'd take a picture of the empties I found & do some posts about them.

This is a 'Premium Spa' Frangipani & Coconut Body Scrub which I bought from Priceline for $14.95.  I've actually been using this for about 3 years now. I know I've seen it for sale in a couple of other places, but not consistently, so Priceline would be your best bet. This is a large tub, but you can also get a travel-friendly size. When I'm next in Oz I plan to get the smaller size and refill it from my large tub to take when I go on work trips.

It's a nice consistency; not too rough but enough to do the job. It's thick enough and you can change it up if using in the shower depending on how wet your hands are when you apply. I tend to use this once or twice every week to two weeks, as a full body scrub- both with and without a brush.

The scent is gorgeous- I'm not usually a fan of coconut, or even strong frangipani smells on their own, but this combo is divine. It makes you feel like you're at the beach or just back from holidays.

The tub lasted ages- I brought the first one back with me shortly after moving to Dubai in 2010, and only bought a replacement tub last month. A little goes a long way- about a teaspoonful should be heaps for a leg/arm scrub, and a bit more if you like to use a lot.

Brand: Premium Spa
Jar Size: 500g/17.7oz
Verdict: Would purchase again. Great value scrub that lasts for ages.

(This review is my own opinion, product was purchased with my own money)

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