Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Slight glitch in my plans to schedule some posts- all the ones I wrote on my days off were saved on my laptop, not in Blogger. My laptop has just crashed and is currently in for repairs- Argh! This always happens right out of warranty. That'll teach me to forget my fortnightly backup! Waiting for the verdict from the repair man to get back to me with news on whether my data can be recovered. I'm hopeful it's just a communication problem between the hard drive and the O/S... fingers crossed!

In other news I've been spending my time sleeping, swimming and had a couple of trips to London and also to Hong Kong. I have some cool pics from Hong Kong which hopefully are still on my memory card so I can do a post about that. All my older photos are safe- I did back them up to my portable hard drive so it's really just anything from that past 2 months or so that's uncertain. Luckily my old laptop is in working order after I repaired the screen, so I have something to use until I know if my new one can be saved. If not, I'm considering an iPad3 if they don't cost too marny limbs when it's released. The only 'iThing' I own is my 3rd Gen iPod Nano which was purchased way back in 2008.

At the moment I have a day off then some reserve due to a cancelled flight, then a turnaround and a flight to Beijing. Haven't been there for awhile so happy to go back for a bit of shopping and some food =)


  1. Shame, I hope you can save all your posts. My laptop decided to die outside of warranty too bugger of a thing, ended up going for the Macbook pro and loving it although I've never been hugely into Apple stuff it's pretty darn nice. I always put all my photos straight onto portable hard drive now and have learnt not to save anything on my computer after having so many dramas with my old lappy.

  2. Would you believe it, the brand new 500gb external I bought 3 days ago is already acting up... gahhh!

    How do these laptops just KNOW when the warranty is done? It's like they have a built-in self-destruct code, haha!


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