Friday, May 20, 2011


Been awhile since I made any posts. Not really any excuse aside from the short Blogger outage and a general lack of motivation. I'd had a draft post about my Doha trip sitting in my dashboard for a little while now; I was adding bits here and there but it seems that the most recent additions I made disappeared. I think other people have had the same problems with their comments disappearing!

Of course, I like to blog for fun so when it starts feeling too much like work, I tend to get bored and would rather do other stuff. But, I don't want to leave it too long without any kind of update so I thought I'd just post about some other things that have been going on. I have a list somewhere of all the back-posts I have to make so hopefully I won't forget anything once I start putting up some more photos :P

As I probably mentioned, I finally got a trip to Sydney and it was a fun time. It just so happened that my Twitter friends Nicky and Gavin would be in town at the same time, so we got to catch up which was really nice. Post on that to follow of course.

I've seen a couple of movies at the cinema and gorged on far too much popcorn than is probably good for me (I just can't resist proper movie popcorn!). I saw "Something Borrowed" which while funny in places was frankly just a teeny bit depressing. The other was "Water for Elephants" which I was pleasantly surprised by and liked a lot more than I expected to. I totally adored most of Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe, of course, especially her black and white outfit at the end and all of the gorgeous accessories.

My other recent trips included Bangkok/Hong Kong and yesterday I came back from Beijing for the first time. Took quite a few pictures on that trip which I will try to post a few of once I've uploaded & edited them.

Today has just been a rest day, catching up on laundry & emails and wasting time checking out all the neat stuff for sale on Etsy. Got my eye on a few vintage airline pieces so maybe just maybe I will buy a little something for myself with our bonus payment after I bank most of it in my savigns account. I thought it was pretty good to get a bonus, while some people said it should have been more, something is better than nothing and it sure is something at least!!! =)

In other news I met a blog reader randomly on the way back from supermarket, it turns out she also works for my airline AND we even live in the same building!! :) So if you enjoy reading about the FA lifestyle hop on over and say hi to Nicole at her blog "The Trolley Dolly". Nicole is a newish FA who comes from Cape Town.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!


  1. Oh you met Nicole? Cool! I talk to her/follow her blog as well. :) What a small little world our desert home is.

  2. So what did you end up doing in the short time you had in Hong Kong? Sorry I wasn't so helpful when you asked for recommendation! Can't wait to see the photos of your latest trips.

    Hope you're having a fab weekend. Lots of love and cuddles to your good self and the cutie cats xxx

  3. Hi Sarah! Will hopefully be doing a post on HKG soon, I have another trip there later this month, yay!! x


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