Monday, November 8, 2010


* I need to make a post about my Sydney trip. It was really fun. And, I got to see my sister for the first time since moving overseas =)

* Seoul flight was really busy. But the layover was good.

* My camera cable broke and my card reader that I got from ebay doesn't read Olympus cards like the prescription said. So I need to get both of those.

* I got my tax refund, yay!!! I can stop worrying about money so much!!!

* Had to say bye bye to my Aussie number :( Will get a prepaid next time I'm in Sydney

* Still waiting to hear back from doctors

Posts to come as soon as I can get the photos up =)

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  1. Well hi there!

    Just wanted to say great blog. I'm the owner/founder of The Powder Room and your style is just up our alley! Super sassy vintage loving.


    Zoe (aka Ella Jezebella)
    The Powder Room


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