Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brisbane Buys

Earlier in the month I had a trip to Brisbane. This trip was an overnight flight which left at about 11pm and we landed in Brisbane first thing in the morning. Usually I like to go straight to sleep but on this occasion my room card did not work. So I had to schlep down to the lobby again to get a new room card. By this time a bus full of tourists had arrived. The staff at this hotel aren't exactly helpful, and instead of noticing that I had come back mere minutes after getting my key, I had to stand in line with my luggage and try not to fall asleep.

Eventually I got my key working and went up to my room. Lately my routine is to unpack and set out my clothes, toiletries etc then put on my iPod on the travel speaker and nap for 5-6 hours. I don't like to sleep all day as I feel tired on the flight home. As we only had a 12 hour layover I wanted to get outside a little. After my nap I headed over the river from the city to Southbank. As it was the weekend the markets were on, and I wanted to have a look around.

Southbank is a great area, there's the art gallery and museum, and also a great man-made beach/swimming pool and plenty of gardens and scenic things to see. (As it was Easter weekend I wore these)

At the market I bought a cute bird pin and some sweets from the old fashioned sweet shop. And some black cat earrings which I forgot about until I posted this pic, hehehe.

I got tired of walking so I bought some sorbet and sat down at the beach area for a rest. After I had rested a bit I crossed the bridge back to the city for a walk around and to get some food items from the supermarket to eat on the flight home.

Made a quick detour to Sportsgirl for a look around and picked up some makeup brushes and a blush on sale.

I've used this shade before, it's similar to a Nars one I used in a class once but way less pricey!! :)

I also got this eco-bag,how cute is it?! Only $4 too so a good happy buy ^_^

In one of the malls there's also a good discount cosmetic store. I saw these Cutex red nail polish on sale. I thought it would be good to practise with, and it's the long last formula and chip-resistant topcoat which I like.

I also got a red lipstick and lip liner (just from the super-cheap K.K. line) so I can practise doing mymakeup with it but not have to worry about making mistakes and wasting a lipstick from say M.A.C. or Dior ;)

After that I made a quick stop at the internet cafe to check my emails/Facebook and scan some documents for my EK application. So easy this online uploading business... :)

Then Subway for dinner before heading back to the hotel to get ready. Flight home was good, great crew and the passengers behaved and were happy.


  1. Love your earrings and your eco bag! Its so cute, I want one!!

  2. PLP, there might stille be some at Sportsgirl, I thought they finished ages ago but this one was in Brisbane mall.

    Oh wait, is there Sportsgirl in NZ??? Anyway, they have some cute vintage-inspired stuff and while a lot ofit is pricey (I think) you can get great stuff on sale. Also in Melbourne they have dresses in the shop made from vintage fabrics or that ARE vintage. Maybe in Sydney as well... :)


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