Friday, January 11, 2013

Greyscale Snake (Outfit Post)

Recent outfit for lunch with friends.

Snake print wrap skirt & black tank- Emerson at Big W
Denim jacket - Possibly Valleygirl or Dotti
Gold necklace - Forever 21
Sandals (not seen) - Candy label at Kmart


  1. Hello! I remember you making a post about donating hotel toiletries. Can you tell me where or who I can get in contact with? Or direct me to the correct post so I get the info from there?

  2. Hi Anonymous, if you are in Dubai you can call/email Ellie at Helping Hands UAE, otherwise if you are elsewhere you could try a local women's or homeless shelter. Sometimes a local hospital would use them too for people coming to stay at short notice to be with ill family members and don't have any basics with them. Just call and ask, it can't hurt. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Thanks! I am actually CC in Dubai too. Thought it was time to do something nice for the world.

  4. No problem. Is easy to do and something that would otherwise just go to waste or be paid for twice...

    If you want something to do you could also try Volunteer in Dubai or give a few hours for the Feline Friends book sales which are once a month. Just check their web pages :)


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