Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dressing Table

I don't really have a "dressing table" as such- actually a desk & drawers in my room, but a few months back I bought a set of shelves for extra storage. Here's some of the things I have sitting on top to make it pretty :)

I like to display cute things in my room.

On the left I have (out of shot) an oil burner from the Body Shop & some of their fragrance oils. My favourite two are Strawberry & Satsuma, both hard to find in Oz. Next is my In Essence candle in 'Zanzibar', a very exotic African-inspired fragrance. I'd left this behind at home and regretted it, so brought it back with me when I went home on leave. These are normally about $40 but I got this one for $20 on clearance at Priceline.

Behind the candle are two ceramc birds I picked up in Turkey. One of my favourite colours is blue and I'd noticed a little theme starting to occur of both blue and birds, so I've been consciously adding to it since I noticed the little collection begin on its own. The framed picture is by Matou En Peluche, a Sydney based illustator who is also on Twitter. I love the whimsical designs & I've also got two of her Deco Girls which I'll post about later.

It's a little hard to see but under the picture is a small square porcelain box; this was bought in Shanghai & holds some small jewellery items. The Matryoshka doll is from my trip to Prague. My O.P.I. polishes already featured in another post; the box they are sitting on is a gorgeous game board purchased in Turkey which also deserves a post of its own. I had to haggle hard to get the price down but in the end I won, very happy with this purchase!

Far right are some fragrances; a French perfume from Fragonard, Benefit 'Your Place or Mine Gina', Elle by YSL EDP, Miss Dior Cherie, a mini Lanvin and a Korean hand cream. I'm planning to post reviews about the Fragonard perfumes and the hand cream at a later date.

Finally at front is my cheap but super cute tree-print necklace. I love this to death & call it my "Lord of the Rings" necklace as it makes me think of the tree carving on the entrance to Moria. Hope you enjoyed some of the cute things that make me smile.

Have you bought anything lately, just because it was cute? Leave a comment & tell me what you got! :)


  1. I love looking at people's dressing tables and things. I don't have one at the moment (sniffle) I haven't bought any cute things lately either, it's so nice to have those little special things that make you smile.

  2. that is really adorable!! I love that you have things from all over the world, you make me want to be an air hostess!

  3. THanks girls! I like having knick-knacks that have a story behind them =)


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