Saturday, October 23, 2010


During the time when I was having a crappy few days last week (homesickness, mainly) I was a bit naughty and succumbed to retail therapy.

Since I wear contact lenses when I fly and mostly during my layovers, I have some cheap'n'cheerful sunglasses as my good (read: expensive) ones are prescription. During my shop, I spotted some cute retro-style sunnies. I like some vintage styles, but they always look stupid on me; also, I tend to shy away from overly large styles. I saw a cute pair with stud detailing & liked them. When I saw the price was 30 dirhams (about $10 Aussie) I snapped them up!!

I love them!!! (However, I think I need to wear my hair out with these, as having it back combined with the large size of the glasses doesn't seem to be so flattering, haha)

I also bought a pair of aviator style glasses

(but not in the cobalt blue/silver tint I've been lusting after), this shirt from Zara- which looks way cuter in my pic-

and some new towels & bath mat for my bathroom. (That last one is boring so I won't show you!!)

Oh yeah and a Grazia, a Kinder Bueno (yum!) and some rose face cream (for half the price it'd be in Oz!)

Yey shopping! Now, I'm eating tinned soup until payday in 4 days' time... hehehehe


  1. I came here to Sharjah, UAE after being in Australia for three months, and I am sooo relieved at the prices here! I could hardly buy anything in Australia. Today I bought two blouses for 26 Dirhams! And they're very cute.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHH that is a super cute blouse!


  3. Sabina- Ooh, where?!?! Hahahaha

    Thanks Angela. Have yet to wear it as it's a bit sheer & I need to buy a cami first :P


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